At the Forefront of Plant Research 2019

BARCELONA, MAY 6-8, 2019

see you in Barcelona

Plants are the basis of human society -food, feed, fiber, fuel, medicine-; our life depends on plants in a myriad of ways, and addressing pressing current and future societal challenges (the ever increasing demand on agricultural products and natural resources at a global scale, or food security and quality in a changing environment) will crucially depend on plant research at multiple levels. The past twenty years have witnessed a revolution in our understanding of plant biology. The aim of this conference is to present the current forefront of plant research and to reflect on the prospects and challenges for today’s fundamental science and tomorrow’s agriculture.

We warmly invite you to be part of this exciting conference, which will be held in the lively city of Barcelona, Spain, this coming spring (May 6-8, 2019). Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for poster presentations. The number of participants will be limited, therefore early registration is recommended. The workshop will be held within the CosmoCaixa building, a beautiful modernist building that is currently running as an interactive Science Museum. This workshop follows on the footsteps of previous meetings organized by CRAG (From model systems to crops: challenges for a new era in plan biology; Barcelona 2014) and VIB (At the forefront of plant research, Ghent 2017).

At the Forefront of Plant Research

BARCELONA, MAY 6-8, 2019

Cosmocaixa Science Museum

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